Montessori Approach

Maria Montessori

Born 1870 – Died 1952

The Montessori Approach was founded by an inspirational and totally dedicated early years practitioner in 1906; namely Maria Montessori. The first “Children’s House” or “Casa dei Bambini” was opened in Rome, Italy at this time.

After discovering that the young child’s mind from birth to six years of age is like an absorbent sponge, Dr. Maria Montessori set about creating a “special” environment where the child could learn, develop, and flourish.   The response of the children within this ideal environment is amazing – almost magical – worthy of our respect and living up to high ideals. Within this environment, the children show us that purposeful activities are preferably to “play” and that they have an innate love of order and thrive in their freedom to choose and to work independently.

The Approach is highly recognised and world renowned for providing children with the very best start in life. It forms the basis of lifelong learning.


A Montessori Child

Please don’t tell me what to love or hate.

Guide me honestly at my own pace.

My years are young, but my spirit is strong;

I don’t need to “fit in”, but I need to belong.

Follow me, and you will see, I can do wonders,

If you will let me be.

Theresa Robinson