Toadhall’s Vision

Toadhall Montessori Nursery and Creche has a strong vision, mission statement , values and aims.


To provide, maintain and continually enhance quality and the highest standards of care and education for all children through visionary and inspirational leadership, thus continuing to be an innovative and creative forerunner in early years childcare and learning practice.


Mission Statement

All staff at Toadhall Montessori Nursery and Creche are committed to working in close partnership with parents/guardians and families and by doing so will –

“Care for and nurture the seeds of growth and development so that every child can blossom joyously into the world.”


Toadhall Montessori Nursery and Creche values and believes that:-


  • To provide a safe, warm, caring, stimulating and homely environment, within which children and parents can feel totally relaxed and confident.


  • To provide experiences throughout the day that will encourage your child to develop socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and in addition provide cultural experiences.


  • To enable children to learn about different animals and their care through our resident pets (Peter Rabbit at Nursery and Hammy Hamster at Creche) and regular visits from organisations who bring a range of non-domestic creatures.


  • To encourage freedom of expression, within limits, and to develop self-motivation from a very young age, within the framework of a happy, secure and well prepared environment.


  • To prepare your child for further education offering activities aimed at developing pre-primary skills.


  • To prepare your child for a pleasurable and reassuring transition from the known environment into the world of school.


  • To ensure and be aware at all times that the education of your child does not only prepare them for school, but for LIFE!


  • To work within a framework, that ensures equality of opportunity regardless of age, sex, culture, gender, religion, size, ability, disability and background.