Wrap Around Care

At Toadhall Montessori Nursery and Creche we have been delivering a wrap around care service for children at state nursery who may need childcare before and after their nursery sessions. This is now a well established and recognised service and as a result we have developed very strong links with all local feeder nursery and primary schools.

At Toadhall we believe that a smooth and stress free transition to fulltime school is essential to maintain the high wellbeing of the child. At Toadhall we believe that our wrap around care service offers every child continuity of care, thus promoting and enhancing their development and learning.

All staff at Toadhall Nursery are highly experienced within the wrap around care service that we provide. They understand the importance of close partnership working between the parents/guardians, the children and the school setting they will be attending.

The costs for the wrap around care service is listed in the fees section of the website.